BRAND: Is it the Right Time to Rethink and Refresh?

BRAND: Is it the Right Time to Rethink and Refresh?

When you look at your website, print and digital advertising, as well as other highly visible aspects of your brand, do they feel right? When you drill down to the sales enablement tools, including pitch books, print collateral, product packaging and documentation – does the same hold true? And, does the full experience tie together?

If not, it may be time to think about refreshing your image—or delving into a full rebranding exercise. Which you choose depends on many factors. Some questions to guide your thinking include:

  • Is our brand positioning and top-line content reflective of who we are today?
  • Does our messaging resonate with who we serve today and describe the value we provide?
  • Is our name descriptive of the business we’re in?
  • Is our product/service nomenclature aligned with our name, what we do and who we serve?
  • How do we look and feel when compared to what we offer and vis a vis our competitors?
  • Does our content focus on meaningful solutions for our clients or list features and benefits?
  • Do we have a real brand personality? Does our culture shine through?
  • Is there a consistency in our story from first touchpoint through to engagement?

If your answers to the above questions highlight a major disconnect – the time is right to think strategically about your brand and to conduct a 360° brand assessment. And, potentially a richer corporate strategy exercise.

If you’re generally in alignment and also well positioned for the next phase in your growth, you may want to simply refresh your materials, ensure consistency of design, and build out your proactive engagement program.

Our New Brand:

In mid-2018, we took a good hard look at our firm – Dreisbach Group – and determined we had become much more than a creative and technology consultancy.  Over the last 5+ years, we had become very involved in capital raising, guided new business launches, engaged deeply with our private equity clients and their portfolio companies, and had worked on several robust corporate strategy engagements with our partners.  Our talent pool had grown. Our client base moved beyond financial services and into healthcare, technology and even agribusiness.  The time was right for a rebrand. So here we are— Stratevist:where strategy and vision align—with a team of senior practitioners whose skills span corporate strategy, organizational development, technology, design, brand development, corporate communications, fundraising and more.  We build ecosystems of success, for and with our clients.