Turn Your Website into a Dynamic Selling Tool

Turn Your Website into a Dynamic Selling Tool

Are you looking to increase sales and enhance client engagement through your website? Why not take a fresh approach and turn your site into a dynamic brand experience and active lead generation tool? By creating a dynamic website or a series of targeted microsites, you can amplify your overall digital marketing program. Each of these two options allows you to personalize content and directly engage with key audience segments. While similarly flexible, there are some important differences:

Dynamic Websites: These smart, powerful sites allow you to tailor content to the website visitor. Dynamic sites deliver specific content via server technology rather than static HTML pages. And, being database driven, all components of these sites are easily updated, and they can quickly be integrated with digital marketing campaigns and lead generation tools. To build a truly scalable, dynamic website takes time, commitment, and the right creative and development team — but it’s a worthwhile exercise, especially if you have sizable and varied target audiences and content that rapidly changes.

Targeted Microsites: When time is of the essence, or you need to tie your site to a specific campaign, microsites allow you to rapidly deploy smart sales strategies with online assets. You can create an integrated digital experience by building branded campaign or thematic microsites that are directly accessible via social, email and digital campaigns. These targeted microsites enable you to detect interest levels on particular content, understand user journeys, and increase engagement online and with your sales force. And, they serve as a powerful intelligence tool while you’re building a robust, dynamic site.

Targeted microsites quickly deliver measurable results. When integrated into lead generation programs and tracked, they provide very valuable qualitative insights and quantitative data. Some quick tips

  • Create a series of landing pages that provide content directly relevant to your top audiences—addressing their pain points with your solutions.
  • Ensure that the landing pages directly support any social media or digital advertising campaigns that you are running by providing the promised additional information on the content that brought them to your site.
  • Enable users to connect more deeply by signing up for an event or webinar, requesting a download, getting a quote, etc.
  • Provide immediate access to a human contact, whether it is relationship manager, sales or customer service person or team.